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[peen-l] /ˈpin l/

of, relating to, or involving punishment, as for crimes or offenses.
prescribing punishment:
penal laws.
constituting punishment:
He survived the years of penal hardship.
used as a place of confinement and punishment:
a penal colony.
subject to or incurring punishment:
a penal offense.
payable or forfeitable as a penalty:
a penal sum.
of, relating to, constituting, or prescribing punishment
payable as a penalty: a penal sum
used or designated as a place of punishment: a penal institution

“pertaining to punishment,” mid-15c., from Old French peinal (12c., Modern French pénal) and directly from Medieval Latin penalis, from Latin poenalis “pertaining to punishment,” from poena “punishment,” from Greek poine “blood-money, fine, penalty, punishment,” from PIE *kwoina, from root *kwei- “to pay, atone, compensate” (cf. Greek time “price, worth, honor, esteem, respect,” tinein “to pay a price, punish, take vengeance;” Sanskrit cinoti “observes, notes;” Avestan kaena “punishment, vengeance;” Old Church Slavonic cena “honor, price;” Lithuanian kaina “value, price”).


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