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[pen-an-yuh-ler] /pɛnˈæn yə lər/

having the shape or design of an incomplete circle.
of or forming an almost complete ring


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  • Penates

    [puh-ney-teez, -nah-] /pəˈneɪ tiz, -ˈnɑ-/ plural noun, Roman Religion. 1. gods who watched over the home or community to which they belonged: originally, two deities of the storeroom. /pəˈnɑːtiːz/ plural noun 1. See lares and penates n. Roman household gods, 1510s, from Latin penates “gods of the inside of the house,” related to penatus “sanctuary […]

  • Pen-based

    [pen-beyst] /ˈpɛnˌbeɪst/ adjective 1. (of a computer) having an electronic stylus rather than a keyboard as the primary input device.

  • Pence

    [pens] /pɛns/ noun, British. 1. a plural of ; used in referring to a sum of money rather than to the coins themselves (often used in combination): sixpence; The fare was 15 pence. [pen-ee] /ˈpɛn i/ noun, plural pennies, (especially collectively for 2, 3) pence. 1. a bronze coin, the 100th part of the dollars […]

  • Pencel

    [pen-suh l] /ˈpɛn səl/ noun 1. a small pennon, as at the head of a lance. /ˈpɛnsəl/ noun 1. a small pennon, originally one carried by a knight’s squire

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