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[pen-sil-uh-fawrm, pen-suh-luh-] /pɛnˈsɪl əˌfɔrm, ˈpɛn sə lə-/

having a pencillike shape.
(of a set of lines, rays, or the like) parallel or nearly parallel.


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  • Penciling

    [pen-suh-ling] /ˈpɛn sə lɪŋ/ noun 1. work or markings done with or as if with a or brush, especially fine or delicate work done with a or brush on a painting or drawing. 2. a drawing or sketch made with a . [pen-suh l] /ˈpɛn səl/ noun 1. a slender tube of wood, metal, plastic, […]

  • Pencil neck

    noun phrase

  • Pencil-pusher

    noun, Informal. 1. a person, as a clerk or bookkeeper, whose work involves a considerable amount of writing, record-keeping, etc. noun An office worker, esp a clerk, bookkeeper, or the like; desk jockey: The number of pencil pushers and typists has increased (1881+)

  • Pencil-stripe

    noun 1. a stripe of varying widths, especially a dark stripe on a light ground. 2. a pattern of such stripes. 3. a fabric or garment having such stripes.

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