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[pen-den-tiv] /pɛnˈdɛn tɪv/

noun, Architecture.
any of several spandrels, in the form of spherical triangles, forming a transition between the circular plan of a dome and the polygonal plan of the supporting masonry.
any of several masonry devices, as squinches or trompes, for forming a transition between a circular or polygonal construction, as a dome or lantern, and supporting masonry of a different plan.
functioning as, or substituting for, a pendentive:
pendentive corbeling.
any of four triangular sections of vaulting with concave sides, positioned at a corner of a rectangular space to support a circular or polygonal dome

1727, from French pendentif (mid-16c.), from Latin pendentem (nominative pendens) “hanging,” present participle of pendere “to hang” (see pendent (adj.)).


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