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[pend] /pɛnd/

verb (used without object)
to remain undecided or unsettled.
to hang.
Obsolete. to depend.
verb (intransitive)
to await judgment or settlement
(dialect) to hang; depend
(Scot) an archway or vaulted passage

c.1500, “to depend, to hang,” from French pendre, from Late Latin pendere “to hang” (see pendant). In some cases short for depend.


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  • Pendu

    /ˈbɛnduː/ adjective 1. (Hinglish, informal) culturally backward

  • Pendular

    [pen-juh-ler, pen-duh-] /ˈpɛn dʒə lər, ˈpɛn də-/ adjective 1. of or relating to a . 2. of or resembling the motion of a : a pendular vibration. adj. 1734, from French pendulaire, from pendule, from pendre (see pendant).

  • Pendular nystagmus

    pendular nystagmus pen·du·lar nystagmus (pěn’jə-lər, pěn’dyə-, -də-) n. A nystagmus that in most positions of gaze has oscillations of equal speed and amplitude, usually arising from a visual disturbance.

  • Pendulous

    [pen-juh-luh s, pen-duh-] /ˈpɛn dʒə ləs, ˈpɛn də-/ adjective 1. hanging down loosely: pendulous blossoms. 2. swinging freely; oscillating. 3. vacillating or undecided; wavering. /ˈpɛndjʊləs/ adjective 1. hanging downwards, esp so as to swing from side to side adj. c.1600, from Latin pendulus “hanging down,” figuratively “doubtful, uncertain, hesitating,” from pendere “to hang” (see pendant). […]

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