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[pen-ee-fahr-th ing] /ˈpɛn iˌfɑr ðɪŋ/

noun, British.
a high bicycle of an early type, with one large wheel in front and one small wheel behind.
(Brit) an early type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, the pedals being attached to the front wheel US name ordinary


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  • Penny-loafer

    noun 1. a loafer with a slot on the vamp that can hold a coin, usually a penny.

  • Penny-pincher

    noun 1. a miserly, niggardly, or stingy person. noun A stingy person; miser; tightwad (1934+) see: pinch pennies

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    noun 1. (formerly) any of various postal systems delivering mail for a penny a letter.

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