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[pen-shuh-ner-ee] /ˈpɛn ʃəˌnɛr i/

noun, plural pensionaries.
a pensioner.
a hireling.
of the nature of a .
receiving a .
constituting a pension
maintained by or receiving a pension
noun (pl) -aries
a person whose service can be bought; hireling


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  • Pensioner

    [pen-shuh-ner] /ˈpɛn ʃə nər/ noun 1. a person who receives or lives on a . 2. a hireling. 3. a student at Cambridge University who pays for his or her commons and other expenses, and is not supported by any foundation. 4. Obsolete. a gentleman-at-arms. /ˈpɛnʃənə/ noun 1. a person who is receiving a pension, […]

  • Pension-fund

    noun 1. a fund created and maintained, as by a corporation, to provide benefits under a pension plan.

  • Pension mortgage

    noun 1. an arrangement whereby a person takes out a mortgage and pays the capital repayment instalments into a pension fund and the interest to the mortgagee. The loan is repaid out of the tax-free lump sum proceeds of the pension plan on the borrower’s retirement

  • Pension-plan

    noun 1. a systematic plan created and maintained, as by a corporation, to make regular payments of benefits to retired or disabled employees, either on a contributory or a noncontributory basis. 2. (def 1).

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