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[pen-tuh-stoh-mid] /ˌpɛn təˈstoʊ mɪd/

noun, Zoology.
any wormlike invertebrate of the phylum Pentastomida (or subphylum of Arthropoda), having two pairs of hooks at the sides of the mouth: all are parasitic, some in the respiratory tracts of mammals.
(vet science) a parasitic worm, Linguatula serrata, found in the nose of dogs, so called because of the shape of the worm
pentastome (pěn’tə-stōm’) also pentastomid
See tongue worm.
tongue worm
Any of various small, colorless, tongue-shaped, wormlike invertebrates of the group Pentastoma, which is considered by many zoologists to be a phylum intermediate in evolutionary development between the annelids and arthropods. Tongue worms are parasites that live embedded in the respiratory systems of vertebrates, especially reptiles and also humans, in tropical regions. They have simple nervous and digestive systems but lack circulatory and respiratory systems. Also called pentastome.


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