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[pen-tuh-toh-niz-uh m, -to-] /ˈpɛn tə toʊˌnɪz əm, -tɒ-/

noun, Music.
the use of a five-tone scale.


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  • Pentatonic-scale

    [pen-tuh-ton-ik, pen-] /ˈpɛn təˈtɒn ɪk, ˌpɛn-/ noun, Music. 1. a scale having five tones to an octave, as one having intervals that correspond to the five black keys of a piano octave. /ˌpɛntəˈtɒnɪk/ noun 1. (music) any of several scales consisting of five notes, the most commonly encountered one being composed of the first, second, […]

  • Pentatonism

    [pen-tuh-toh-niz-uh m, -to-] /ˈpɛn tə toʊˌnɪz əm, -tɒ-/ noun, Music. 1. the use of a five-tone scale.

  • Pentavalent

    [pen-tuh-vey-luh nt, pen-tav-uh-] /ˌpɛn təˈveɪ lənt, pɛnˈtæv ə-/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. having a valence of 5: pentavalent arsenic. 2. (def 2). /ˌpɛntəˈveɪlənt/ adjective 1. (chem) having a valency of five Also quinquevalent

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    [pen-taz-uh-seen] /pɛnˈtæz əˌsin/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a synthetic narcotic analgesic, C 1 9 H 2 7 NO, used chiefly for the relief of moderate to severe pain. /pɛnˈtæzəʊˌsiːn/ noun 1. a powerful synthetic drug used in medical practice as a narcotic analgesic pentazocine pen·taz·o·cine (pěn-tāz’ə-sēn’) n. A synthetic narcotic drug used as a nonaddictive analgesic, […]

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