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[pen-tel-i-kuh s] /pɛnˈtɛl ɪ kəs/

Latin name of .


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  • Pentelikon

    [pen-tel-i-kon; Greek pen-de-lee-kawn] /pɛnˈtɛl ɪˌkɒn; Greek ˌpɛn dɛ liˈkɔn/ noun 1. . /pɛnˈtɛlɪkɒn/ noun 1. a mountain in SE Greece, near Athens: famous for its white marble, worked regularly from the 6th century bc, from which the chief buildings and sculptures in Athens are made. Height: 1109 m (3638 ft) Latin name Pentelicus

  • Pentene

    /ˈpɛntiːn/ noun 1. a colourless flammable liquid alkene having several straight-chained isomeric forms, used in the manufacture of organic compounds. Formula: C5H10 Also called amylene

  • Pentetic acid

    pentetic acid pen·tet·ic acid (pěn-tět’ĭk) n. Diethylenetriamine penta-acetic acid; a chelating agent, especially for iron but also showing an affinity for heavy metals that is used in the treatment of iron-storage disease and poisoning from heavy and radioactive metals.

  • Penthesileia

    /ˌpɛnθəsɪˈleɪə/ noun 1. (Greek myth) the daughter of Ares and queen of the Amazons, whom she led to the aid of Troy. She was slain by Achilles

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