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a small hand-held device for storing and grinding peppercorns.
a small hand mill used to grind peppercorns


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  • Peppermint

    [pep-er-mint, -muh nt] /ˈpɛp ərˌmɪnt, -mənt/ noun 1. an herb, Mentha piperita, of the , cultivated for its aromatic, pungent oil. 2. Also called peppermint oil. this oil, or a preparation made from it. 3. a lozenge or confection flavored with peppermint. /ˈpɛpəˌmɪnt/ noun 1. a temperate mint plant, Mentha piperita, with purple or white […]

  • Peppermint-camphor

    noun 1. .

  • Peppermint schnapps

    noun a peppermint-flavored distilled spirit that is higher in alcohol content but lighter in flavor than crème de menthe Word Origin German schnapps or schnaps ‘white spirits’ Usage Note cooking

  • Peppermint-spirit

    noun 1. a green or colorless alcoholic solution of the volatile oil produced by the peppermint leaf, used as a carminative and flavoring agent.

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