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Per pro.

per procurationem.


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  • Per-procurationem

    [per prok-yuh-rey-shee-oh-nem, per prok-uh-rah-tee-oh-nem] /pər ˌprɒk yəˌreɪ ʃiˈoʊ nɛm, pɛr ˌprɒk əˌrɑ tiˈoʊ nɛm/ adverb, Chiefly Law. 1. by one acting as an agent; by proxy.

  • Perp walk

    noun 1. (US, informal) an arranged public appearance of a recently arrested criminal for the benefit of the media noun the parading by police of a handcuffed arrested suspect for the benefit of media and bystanders Word Origin short for perpetrator walk Usage Note slang, now also used for arrested business executives noun phrase A […]

  • Perquisite

    [pur-kwuh-zit] /ˈpɜr kwə zɪt/ noun 1. an incidental payment, benefit, privilege, or advantage over and above regular income, salary, or wages: Among the president’s perquisites were free use of a company car and paid membership in a country club. 2. a gratuity or tip. 3. something demanded or due as a particular privilege: homage that […]

  • Perrault

    [puh-roh, pe-; French pe-roh] /pəˈroʊ, pɛ-; French pɛˈroʊ/ noun 1. Charles [chahrlz;; French sharl] /tʃɑrlz;; French ʃarl/ (Show IPA), 1628–1703, French poet, critic, and author of fairy tales. 2. his brother, Claude [klawd;; French klohd] /klɔd;; French kloʊd/ (Show IPA), 1613–88, French architect, scientist, and physician. /French pɛro/ noun 1. Charles (ʃarl). 1628–1703, French author, […]

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