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[per-sen-tahyl, -til] /pərˈsɛn taɪl, -tɪl/ Statistics.

one of the values of a variable that divides the distribution of the variable into 100 groups having equal frequencies:
Ninety percent of the values lie at or below the ninetieth percentile, ten percent above it.
of or relating to a percentile or a division of a distribution by percentiles.
one of 99 actual or notional values of a variable dividing its distribution into 100 groups with equal frequencies; the 90th percentile is the value of a variable such that 90% of the relevant population is below that value Also called centile

1885, coined by English scientist Francis Galton (1822-1911) from percent + -ile.
Any of the 100 equal parts into which the range of the values of a set of data can be divided in order to show the distribution of those values. The percentile of a given value is determined by the percentage of the values that are smaller than that value. For example, a test score that is higher than 95 percent of the other scores is in the 95th percentile.


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