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a gunlock on a firearm that fires by striking a percussion cap.
a gunlock in which the hammer strikes a percussion cap


Read Also:

  • Percussion tool

    noun 1. a power driven tool which operates by striking rapid blows: the power may be electricity or compressed air

  • Percussion-welding

    noun 1. a form of resistance welding in which the required pressure is provided by a hammerlike blow.

  • Percussive

    [per-kuhs-iv] /pərˈkʌs ɪv/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characterized by . /pəˈkʌsɪv/ adjective 1. of, caused by, or relating to percussion adj. 1735, from Latin percuss-, past participle stem of percutere (see percussion) + -ive.

  • Percussive maintenance

    jargon The fine art of whacking a device to get it working, possibly using a fine adjuster. (1999-01-15)

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