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[per-ez] /ˈpɛr ɛz/

Shimon [shi-mohn] /ʃɪˈmoʊn/ (Show IPA), born 1923, Israeli political leader, born in Poland: prime minister 1984–86, 1995–96.
[per; English pair] /pɛr; English pɛər/
noun, plural pères
[per; English pairz] /pɛr; English pɛərz/ (Show IPA). French.
Dumas père.
Shimon (ʃiːˈməʊn). born 1923, Israeli statesman, born in Poland: prime minister (1984–86; 1995–96); president from 2007; Nobel peace prize 1994 jointly with Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin
/pɛr; English pɛə/
an addition to a French surname to specify the father rather than the son of the same name: Dumas père Compare fils1

1610s, “a French priest,” from French père “father,” from Latin patrem (nominative pater); see father (n.). Attached to a name, to distinguish father from son of the same name, from 1802.

divided, one of the mysterious words “written over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall” of king Belshazzar’s palace (Dan. 5:28). (See MENE.)


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