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Periappendiceal abscess

periappendiceal abscess per·i·ap·pen·di·ce·al abscess (pěr’ē-ə-pěn’dĭ-sē’əl)
See appendiceal abscess.


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  • Periappendicitis

    periappendicitis per·i·ap·pen·di·ci·tis (pěr’ē-ə-pěn’dĭ-sī’tĭs) n. An inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the vermiform appendix.

  • Periapsis

    periapsis (pěr’ē-āp’sĭs) Plural periapsides (pěr’ē-āp’sĭ-dēz’) The point at which an orbiting object is closest to the body it is orbiting. This point is sometimes given a name that is specific to the body being orbited. For example, the periapsis of an object orbiting Earth is its perigee (from gaia, the Greek word for Earth), and […]

  • Periapt

    [per-ee-apt] /ˈpɛr iˌæpt/ noun 1. an amulet. /ˈpɛrɪˌæpt/ noun 1. (rare) a charm or amulet

  • Periaqueductal

    periaqueductal per·i·aq·ue·duc·tal (pěr’ē-āk’wĭ-dŭk’təl) adj. Situated around the aqueduct of the brain.

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