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perilymphangitis per·i·lym·phan·gi·tis (pěr’ə-lĭm’fān-jī’tĭs)
Inflammation of tissues surrounding a lymphatic vessel.


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  • Perilymphatic

    [per-i-limf] /ˈpɛr ɪˌlɪmf/ noun, Anatomy. 1. the fluid between the bony and membranous labyrinths of the ear. /ˈpɛrɪˌlɪmf/ noun 1. the fluid filling the space between the membranous and bony labyrinths of the internal ear perilymphatic per·i·lym·phat·ic (pěr’ə-lĭm-fāt’ĭk) adj. perilymph per·i·lymph (pěr’ə-lĭmf’) n. The fluid in the space between the membranous and bony labyrinths of […]

  • Perilymphatic duct

    perilymphatic duct n. A fine canal connecting the perilymphatic space of the cochlea with the subarachnoid space. Also called cochlear aqueduct.

  • Perilymphatic space

    perilymphatic space n. The space between the bony and membranous portions of the inner ear.

  • Perimenopausal

    adjective pertaining to the time leading up to menopause when estrogen levels begin to drop Word Origin peri- ‘around’ + menopause

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