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[per-uh-nee-uh m] /ˌpɛr əˈni əm/

noun, plural perinea
[per-uh-nee-uh] /ˌpɛr əˈni ə/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
the area in front of the anus extending to the fourchette of the vulva in the female and to the scrotum in the male.
the diamond-shaped area corresponding to the outlet of the pelvis, containing the anus and vulva or the roots of the penis.
noun (pl) -nea (-ˈniːə)
the region of the body between the anus and the genital organs, including some of the underlying structures
the nearly diamond-shaped surface of the human trunk between the thighs

“region of the body between the anus and the genital organs” (jocularly called a taint), early 15c., from Medieval Latin perinaeon, Late Latin perineum, from Greek perinaion, perinaios, from peri- “near” (see peri-) + inan “to carry off by evacuation,” of unknown origin.

perineum per·i·ne·um (pěr’ə-nē’əm)
n. pl. per·i·ne·a (-nē’ə)

per’i·ne’al (-nē’əl) adj.
Plural perinea
The region between the scrotum and the anus in males, and between the posterior vulva and the anus in females.


Read Also:

  • Perineal artery

    perineal artery n. An artery with its origin in the internal pudendal artery, with distribution to the superficial structures of the perineum, and with anastomosis to the external pudendal arteries.

  • Perineal gland

    noun 1. (zoology) one of a pair of glands that are situated near the anus in some mammals and secrete an odorous substance

  • Perineal hernia

    perineal hernia n. A hernia protruding through the pelvic diaphragm. Also called perineocele.

  • Perineal nerve

    perineal nerve n. Any of the superficial terminal branches of the pudendal nerve, supplying most of the muscles and the skin of the perineum.

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