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[peer-ee-od-ik] /ˌpɪər iˈɒd ɪk/

recurring at intervals of time:
periodic revivals of an interest in handicrafts.
occurring or appearing at regular intervals:
periodic visits by doctors to the village.
repeated at irregular intervals; intermittent:
periodic outbreaks of the disease.
Physics. recurring at equal intervals of time.
Mathematics. (of a function) having a graph that repeats after a fixed interval (period) of the independent variable.

pertaining to or characterized by rhetorical periods, or periodic sentences.
[pur-ahy-od-ik] /ˌpɜr aɪˈɒd ɪk/
adjective, Chemistry.
of or derived from a .
happening or recurring at intervals; intermittent
of, relating to, or resembling a period
having or occurring in repeated periods or cycles

1640s, from French périodique (14c.), from Latin periodicus, from periodus (see period).

Periodic table in chemistry (1889) is from notion of the arrangement, in which similar properties recur at intervals in elements in the same area as you read down the rows of the table. This sense of the word is attested from 1872 (periodic law).

periodic pe·ri·od·ic (pĭr’ē-ŏd’ĭk)


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