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[puh-rif-er-uh l] /pəˈrɪf ər əl/

adjective, Also, (for defs 1–3).
pertaining to, situated in, or constituting the :
peripheral resistance on the outskirts of the battle area.
concerned with relatively minor, irrelevant, or superficial aspects of the subject in question.
Anatomy. near the surface or outside of; external.
Computers. of or relating to a peripheral.
Computers. a device or unit that operates separately from the CPU but is connected to it, as a magnetic disk or tape unit or a printer.
not relating to the most important part of something; incidental, minor, or superficial
of, relating to, or of the nature of a periphery
(anatomy) of, relating to, or situated near the surface of the body: a peripheral nerve

1803, from periphery + -al (1). An earlier formation was peripherial (1670s). Related: Peripherally. As a noun, peripherals, “peripheral devices of a computer,” is from 1966.

peripheral pe·riph·er·al (pə-rĭf’ər-əl)


Noun Computer Science An auxiliary device, such as a printer or modem, distinct from a computer’s central processing unit and working memory, and often connected externally.

Any part that is separate from a computer’s CPU, such as a printer, a keyboard, or a monitor.


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