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[per-uh-stawl-tik, -stal-] /ˌpɛr əˈstɔl tɪk, -ˈstæl-/

adjective, Physiology.
of, relating to, or resembling peristalsis.

1650s, from Modern Latin, from Greek peristaltikos (Galen), literally “contracting around,” from peri (see peri-) “around, about” + stalsis “checking, constriction,” related to stellein “draw in, bring together; set in order” (see diastole).


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    peristole pe·ris·to·le (pə-rĭs’tə-lē) n. The tonic contractions of the walls of the stomach about its contents. per’i·stol’ic (pěr’ĭ-stŏl’ĭk) adj.

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