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peritoneopericardial per·i·to·ne·o·per·i·car·di·al (pěr’ĭ-tn-ē’ō-pěr’ĭ-kär’dē-əl)
Of or relating to the peritoneum and the pericardium.


Read Also:

  • Peritoneopexy

    peritoneopexy per·i·to·ne·o·pex·y (pěr’ĭ-tn-ē’ə-pěk’sē) n. Surgical suspension or fixation of the peritoneum.

  • Peritoneoplasty

    peritoneoplasty per·i·to·ne·o·plas·ty (pěr’ĭ-tn-ē’ə-plās’tē) n. The surgical loosening of adhesions in the abdominal viscera and the covering of the resultant raw surfaces with peritoneum to prevent recurrence.

  • Peritoneoscope

    peritoneoscope per·i·to·ne·o·scope (pěr’ĭ-tn-ē’ə-skōp’) n. See laparoscope.

  • Peritoneoscopy

    peritoneoscopy per·i·to·ne·os·co·py (pěr’ĭ-tn-ē-ŏs’kə-pē) n. Internal examination of the peritoneum with a peritoneoscope passed through an incision in the abdominal wall. Also called celioscopy, ventroscopy.

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