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Perk along

verb phrase

[fr the persistent and even sound of a coffee percolator]


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  • Periproct

    [per-uh-prokt] /ˈpɛr əˌprɒkt/ noun 1. (in certain echinoids) that part of the body surface bordering the anus.

  • Periporitis

    periporitis per·i·po·ri·tis (pěr’ə-pə-rī’tĭs) n. A skin condition characterized by miliary papules and papulovesicles accompanied by infection with staphylococcal bacteria, occurring most frequently in infants.

  • Perking

    [purk] /pɜrk/ verb (used without object) 1. to become lively, cheerful, or vigorous, as after depression or sickness (usually followed by up): The patients all perked up when we played the piano for them. 2. to act, or carry oneself, in a jaunty manner. 3. to put oneself forward briskly or presumptuously. verb (used with […]

  • Perkins

    [pur-kinz] /ˈpɜr kɪnz/ noun 1. Frances, 1882–1965, U.S. sociologist: Secretary of Labor 1933–45. 2. Maxwell (Evarts) 1884–1947, U.S. editor.

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