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Permanent dentition

permanent dentition n.
See secondary dentition.


Read Also:

  • Permanent-echo

    noun, Electronics. 1. a radar signal reflected to a radar station on the ground by a building or other fixed object.

  • Permanent hardness

    noun 1. (chem) hardness of water that cannot be removed by boiling as it results mainly from the presence of calcium and magnesium chlorides and sulphates

  • Permanent health insurance

    noun 1. a form of insurance that provides up to 75 per cent of a person’s salary, until retirement, in case of prolonged illness or disability

  • Permanent-lens

    noun 1. . noun, Ophthalmology. 1. a plastic lens implanted surgically to replace the eye’s natural crystalline lens, usually because the natural lens has developed a cataract.

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