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  • Persicaria

    /ˌpɜːsɪˈkɛərɪə/ noun 1. another name for red shank

  • Persichetti

    [pur-si-ket-ee] /ˌpɜr sɪˈkɛt i/ noun 1. Vincent, 1915–87, U.S. composer.

  • Persiennes

    [pur-zee-enz; French per-syen] /ˌpɜr ziˈɛnz; French pɛrˈsyɛn/ noun 1. (used with a plural verb) . 2. (used with a singular verb) a printed or painted fabric of cotton or silk. /ˌpɜːsɪˈɛnz/ plural noun 1. outside window shutters having louvres to keep out the sun while maintaining ventilation Also called Persian blinds

  • Persiflage

    [pur-suh-flahzh, pair-] /ˈpɜr səˌflɑʒ, ˈpɛər-/ noun 1. light, bantering talk or writing. 2. a frivolous or flippant style of treating a subject. /ˈpɜːsɪˌflɑːʒ/ noun 1. light frivolous conversation, style, or treatment; friendly teasing n. 1757, from French persiflage, from persifler “to banter” (18c.), from Latin per- “through” (see per) + French siffler “to whistle, hiss,” […]

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