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(Aulus Persius Flaccus) a.d. 34–62, Roman satirist.
Historical Examples

Horace therefore, Juvenal, and Persius were no Prophets, although their lines did seem to indigitate and point at our times.
The Works of Sir Thomas Browne (Volume 1 of 3) Thomas Browne

A Stoic philosopher to whom Persius addresses his 5th Satire.
Dryden’s Works (13 of 18): Translations; Pastorals John Dryden

Persius was a young man of little originality, who expressed in his poems only what he learned from his teachers.
A History of Roman Literature Harold North Fowler

Cornutus, who was master or tutor to Persius, was of the same school.
Dryden’s Works (13 of 18): Translations; Pastorals John Dryden

Casaubon, from an old commentator on Persius, says, that he made a very foolish translation of Homer’s Iliads.
Dryden’s Works (13 of 18): Translations; Pastorals John Dryden

How did the circumstances of the life of Persius differ from those of Horace?
Studies in the Poetry of Italy, I. Roman Frank Justus Miller

This is a strange mistake in an author, who translated Persius entirely, and great part of Juvenal.
Dryden’s Works (13 of 18): Translations; Pastorals John Dryden

He humorously describes a squabble betwixt Rupilius and Persius.
The Works of Horace Horace

Persius says of him that he “slashed the citizens of his time and broke his jaw-teeth on them.”
Studies in the Poetry of Italy, I. Roman Frank Justus Miller

Whether he or Cæsius Bassus was the friend of Persius, is not perfectly clear.
A Dialogue Concerning Oratory, Or The Causes Of Corrupt Eloquence Cornelius Tacitus


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