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the physical or emotional space that individuals maintain between themselves and others; the degree of remoteness that is either desired or felt between a person and others; also called social distance , cf. personal space
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  • Personal-effects

    plural noun 1. privately owned articles consisting chiefly of clothing, toilet items, etc., for intimate use by an individual.

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    noun 1. the full name for PEP

  • Personal-equation

    noun 1. the tendency to personal bias that accounts for variation in interpretation or approach and for which allowance must be made. noun 1. the variation or error in observation or judgment caused by individual characteristics 2. the allowance made for such variation personal equation n. A constant but slight error in judgment, perceptual response, […]

  • Personal-flotation-device

    noun 1. a life preserver, life jacket, or other device for keeping a person afloat in the water. Abbreviation: PFD.

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