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Personality formation

personality formation n.
The organization and structure of the components of a person’s character or personality.


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  • Personality-inventory

    noun, Psychology. 1. a questionnaire designed to measure personality types or characteristics. noun 1. (psychol) a form of personality test in which the subject answers questions about himself. The results are used to determine dimensions of personality, such as extroversion personality inventory n. A questionnaire that is scored to yield a profile of the particular […]

  • Personality profile

    personality profile n.

  • Personality-test

    noun, Psychology. 1. an instrument, as a questionnaire or series of standardized tasks, used to measure personality characteristics or to discover personality disorders. personality test n. A test, usually involving a standardized series of questions or tasks, used to describe or evaluate a subject’s personality traits.

  • Personality type

    noun 1. (psychol) a cluster of personality traits commonly occurring together noun any of various categories of normal or abnormal personality traits that seem to occur together consistently, such as introvert or extrovert Usage Note psychology

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