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[pes-tuh-sahyd] /ˈpɛs təˌsaɪd/

a chemical preparation for destroying plant, fungal, or animal .
a chemical used for killing pests, esp insects and rodents

1939, a hybrid coined from English pest + Latinate -cide.

pesticide pes·ti·cide (pěs’tĭ-sīd’)
A chemical used to kill pests, especially insects.
A chemical used to kill harmful animals or plants. Pesticides are used especially in agriculture and around areas where humans live. Some are harmful to humans, either from direct contact or as residue on food, or are harmful to the environment because of their high toxicity, such as DDT (which is now banned in many countries). Pesticides include fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and rodenticides. See more at fungicide, herbicide, insecticide.


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