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a name or a term of address used to express affection for a person, thing, etc.


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  • Peto

    [pey-toh] /ˈpeɪ toʊ/ noun, plural petos (especially collectively) peto. 1. 3 .

  • Petnapping

    [pet-nap-ing] /ˈpɛtˌnæp ɪŋ/ noun 1. the stealing of a , as for resale or ransom.

  • Petofi

    [pe-tœ-fee] /ˈpɛ tœ fi/ noun 1. Sándor [shahn-dawr] /ˈʃɑn dɔr/ (Show IPA), (Sándor Petrovics) 1823–49, Hungarian poet and patriot. /Hungarian ˈpɛtøːfi/ noun 1. Sándor (ˈʃaːndor). 1823–49, Hungarian lyric poet and patriot

  • Pet parent

    noun 1. a person who looks after a pet animal

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