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A person who does fellatio, esp homosexually; cocksucker (1970s+)


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  • Petered

    [pee-ter] /ˈpi tər/ verb (used without object), peter out 1. to diminish gradually and stop; dwindle to nothing: The hot water always peters out in the middle of my shower. 2. to tire; exhaust (usually used as a past participle): I’m petered out after that walk. /ˈpiːtə/ verb 1. (intransitive; foll by out or away) […]

  • Peter I

    noun 1. (“the Great”) 1672–1725, czar of Russia 1682–1725. 2. (Peter Karageorgevich) 1844–1921, king of Serbia 1903–21. noun 1. known as Peter the Great. 1672–1725, tsar of Russia (1682–1725), who assumed sole power in 1689. He introduced many reforms in government, technology, and the western European ideas. He also acquired new territories for Russia in […]

  • Peter II

    noun 1. 1923–70, king of Yugoslavia 1934–45.

  • Peter III

    noun 1. 1728–62, czar of Russia 1762 (husband of Catherine II; father of Paul I). noun 1. 1728–62, grandson of Peter I and tsar of Russia (1762): deposed in a coup d’état led by his wife (later Catherine II); assassinated

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