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[puh-tee boo r-zhwah; pet-ee boo r-zhwah, boo r-zhwah; French puh-tee boor-zhwa] /pəˈti bʊərˈʒwɑ; ˈpɛt i ˈbʊər ʒwɑ, bʊərˈʒwɑ; French pə ti burˈʒwa/

noun, plural petits bourgeois
[puh-tee boo r-zhwahz, pet-ee boo r-zhwahz, boo r-zhwahz; French puh-tee boor-zhwa] /pəˈti bʊərˈʒwɑz, ˈpɛt i ˈbʊər ʒwɑz, bʊərˈʒwɑz; French pə ti burˈʒwa/ (Show IPA)
a person who belongs to the petite bourgeoisie.
/ˈpɛtɪ ˈbʊəʒwɑː; French pəti burʒwa/
noun (pl) petits bourgeois (ˈpɛtɪ ˈbʊəʒwɑːz; French) (pəti burʒwa)
Also called petite bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie. the section of the middle class with the lowest social status, generally composed of shopkeepers, lower clerical staff, etc
a member of this stratum
of, relating to, or characteristic of the petit bourgeois, esp indicating a sense of self-righteousness and a high degree of conformity to established standards of behaviour


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