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[pe-troh-byoot-n-awl] /ˌpɛ troʊˈbyut nˌɔl/

See under (def 2).
[byoot-n-awl, -ol] /ˈbyut nˌɔl, -ˌɒl/
noun, Chemistry.
butanol that is made from fossil fuels (petrobutanol) or from certain plants or algae (biobutanol) and which is used as an alternative to gasoline.
a colourless substance existing in four isomeric forms. The three liquid isomers are used as solvents for resins, lacquers, etc, and in the manufacture of organic compounds. Formula: C4H9OH Also called butyl alcohol
(by’tə-nôl’, -nōl’, nŏl’)
Either of the two butyl alcohols that are derived from butane and have a straight chain of carbon atoms. Butanols are used as solvents and in organic synthesis. Chemical formula: C4H10O.


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