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[pi-trol-ik] /pɪˈtrɒl ɪk/

of, relating to, or produced from .
of, relating to, containing, or obtained from petroleum


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  • Petrolhead

    /ˈpɛtrəlˌhɛd/ noun 1. (informal) a person who is excessively interested in or is devoted to travelling by car

  • Petroliferous

    [pe-truh-lif-er-uh s] /ˌpɛ trəˈlɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. (of a rock or geologic formation) containing or yielding .

  • Petrolina

    [pi-troo-lee-nah] /pɪ trʊˈli nɑ/ noun 1. a city in NE Brazil.

  • Petrology

    [pi-trol-uh-jee] /pɪˈtrɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. the scientific study of rocks, including petrography and petrogenesis. /pɛˈtrɒlədʒɪ/ noun (pl) -gies 1. the study of the composition, origin, structure, and formation of rocks petrol n. 1811 (erroneously as petralogy), from petro- (1) “rock” + -ology. petrology (pə-trŏl’ə-jē) The scientific study of the origin, composition, and structure of […]

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