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[pe-troh-pou-er] /ˈpɛ troʊˌpaʊ ər/

the economic or political of a nation resulting from its petroleum reserves needed by other nations.


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  • Petrosa

    petrosa pe·tro·sa (pə-trō’sə) n. pl. pe·tro·sae (-sē) The petrous portion of the temporal bone.

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    [pi-troh-suh l] /pɪˈtroʊ səl/ adjective 1. ; hard or stony. 2. Anatomy. of or relating to the petrous portion of the temporal bone. /pɛˈtrəʊsəl/ adjective 1. (anatomy) of, relating to, or situated near the dense part of the temporal bone that surrounds the inner ear petrosal pe·tro·sal (pə-trō’səl) adj. Relating to or located near the […]

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    /pɪˈtrəʊʒən/ noun 1. Tigran (tiɡˈran). 1929–84, Soviet chess player; world champion (1963–69)

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    petrositis pet·ro·si·tis (pět’rə-sī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the petrous portion of the temporal bone and its air cells.

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