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(in a civil or criminal proceeding) a jury, usually of 12 persons, impaneled to determine the facts and render a verdict pursuant to the court’s instructions on the law.
a variant spelling of petit jury


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  • Petty-larceny

    noun, Law. 1. larceny in which the value of the goods taken is below a certain legally specified amount. noun 1. a variant spelling of petit larceny

  • Petty-officer

    noun 1. a noncommissioned U.S. Navy rank with three grades. 2. one of the minor officers on a merchant ship, as a boatswain or carpenter. noun 1. a noncommissioned officer in a naval service, comparable in rank to a sergeant in an army or marine corps

  • Petty-treason

    noun, English Law. 1. . [pet-ee] /ˈpɛt i/ noun, English Law. 1. the killing of a husband by his wife, of a lord by his servant, or of an ecclesiastic by a subordinate ecclesiastic.

  • Petty-sessions

    noun, English Law. 1. a court of summary jurisdiction for minor offenses that is held without a jury. noun 1. (functioning as singular or pl) another term for magistrates’ court

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