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[fen-ig; German pfen-ikh] /ˈfɛn ɪg; German ˈpfɛn ɪx/

noun, plural pfennigs, pfennige
[German pfen-i-guh] /German ˈpfɛn ɪ gə/ (Show IPA)
a copper-coated iron coin and monetary unit of Germany until the was adopted, the 100th part of a Deutsche mark.
(formerly) a minor coin and monetary unit of East Germany, the 100th part of an ostmark.
/ˈfɛnɪɡ; German ˈpfɛnɪç/
noun (pl) -nigs, -nige (German) (-nɪɡə)
a former German monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Deutschmark
(formerly) a monetary unit worth one hundredth of an East German ostmark


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