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[fuhnd, pfoo nd] /fʌnd, pfʊnd/

noun, Spectroscopy.
a series of lines in the infrared spectrum of hydrogen.


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  • Phallic-symbol

    noun, Psychoanalysis. 1. any object, as a cigar or skyscraper, that may broadly resemble or represent the penis, especially such an object that symbolizes power, as an automobile. phallic symbol [(fal-ik)] A symbol of the penis.

  • Phallitis

    phallitis phal·li·tis (fā-lī’tĭs) n. See penitis.

  • Phallo-

    phallo- or phall- pref. Penis: phalloplasty.

  • Phallocampsis

    phallocampsis phal·lo·camp·sis (fāl’ō-kāmp’sĭs) n. Curvature of the penis when erect.

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