phaco- or phako-

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  • Phacoanaphylaxis

    phacoanaphylaxis phac·o·an·a·phy·lax·is (fāk’ō-ān’ə-fə-lāk’sĭs) n. Hypersensitivity to protein of the lens of the eye.

  • Phacocele

    phacocele phac·o·cele (fāk’ə-sēl’) n. Hernia of the lens of the eye.

  • Phacocystectomy

    phacocystectomy phac·o·cys·tec·to·my (fāk’ō-sĭ-stěk’tə-mē) n. Surgical removal of a portion of the capsule of the lens of the eye.

  • Phacoemulsification

    [fak-oh-i-muhl-suh-fi-key-shuh n] /ˌfæk oʊ ɪˌmʌl sə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən/ noun, Surgery. 1. the removal of a cataract by first liquefying the affected lens with ultrasonic vibrations and then extracting it by suction. phacoemulsification phac·o·e·mul·si·fi·ca·tion (fāk’ō-ĭ-mŭl’sə-fĭ-kā’shən) n. Removal of a cataract by emulsifying the lens ultrasonically.

  • Phacoerysis

    phacoerysis phac·o·er·y·sis (fāk’ō-ěr’ĭ-sĭs) n. Extraction of a cataract of the lens of the eye using suction.

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