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the average number of bacteria ingested per phagocyte in an incubated mixture of bacteria, phagocytes, and blood serum: used in determining the opsonic index.

phagocytic index n.
The average number of bacteria observed in the cytoplasm of neutrophils after a mixture of blood serum, bacteria, and neutrophils has been incubated.


Read Also:

  • Phagocytin

    phagocytin phag·o·cy·tin (fāg’ə-sīt’n) n. A labile bacteriocide isolated from polymorphonuclear white blood cells.

  • Phagocytic pneumonocyte

    phagocytic pneumonocyte n. An alveolar phagocyte containing hemosiderin, carbon, or other foreign particles.

  • Phagocytize

    [fag-uh-sahy-tahyz, -si-tahyz] /ˈfæg əˌsaɪ taɪz, -sɪˌtaɪz/ verb (used with object), phagocytized, phagocytizing. 1. (of a phagocyte) to devour (material). phagocytize phag·o·cy·tize (fāg’ə-sĭ-tīz’, -sī’-) v. phag·o·cy·tized, phag·o·cy·tiz·ing, phag·o·cy·tiz·es To ingest by phagocytosis; phagocytose.

  • Phagocytolysis

    phagocytolysis phag·o·cy·tol·y·sis (fāg’ə-sī-tŏl’ĭ-sĭs) n. The destruction of phagocytes or white blood cells that occurs during the process of blood coagulation or as the result of the introduction of certain antagonistic foreign substances into the body. phag’o·cy’to·lyt’ic (fāg’ə-sī’tə-lĭt’ĭk) adj.

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