a compulsive desire to eat

a passion for food, eating
Word Origin

Greek phago ‘to eat’

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  • Phagophobia

    noun a fear of food, eating Word Origin Greek phago ‘to eat’

  • Phagosome

    [fag-uh-sohm] /ˈfæg əˌsoʊm/ noun 1. a vacuole within a phagocyte that contains bacteria or other ingested particles and that becomes fused with a lysosome. phagosome phag·o·some (fāg’ə-sōm’) n. A membrane-bound vesicle formed in a cell by an inward folding of the cell membrane to hold foreign matter taken into the cell by phagocytosis.

  • Phainopepla

    [fey-ahy-noh-pep-luh, fey-uh-] /feɪˌaɪ noʊˈpɛp lə, ˌfeɪ ə-/ noun 1. a crested passerine bird, Phainopepla nitens, of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

  • Phaistos

    [fahy-stuh s] /ˈfaɪ stəs/ noun 1. an ancient city in S central Crete: site of Minoan palace; Linear A tablets and important pottery objects unearthed here.

  • Phakic eye

    phakic eye pha·kic eye (fā’kĭk) n. An eye containing the natural lens.

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