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[fair-ey-on-ik, far-] /ˌfɛər eɪˈɒn ɪk, ˌfær-/

(sometimes lowercase) of or like a :
living in Pharaonic splendor.
(usually lowercase) impressively or overwhelmingly large, luxurious, etc.:
a construction project of pharaonic proportions.
(lowercase) cruelly oppressive; tyrannical:
pharaonic tax laws.


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  • Pharb

    1. Bachelor of Pharmacy. Latin Pharmaciae Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

  • Phar.B.

    1. Bachelor of Pharmacy.

  • Phard

    1. Doctor of Pharmacy. Latin Pharmaciae Doctor (Doctor of Pharmacy)

  • Phar.D.

    1. Doctor of Pharmacy.

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