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[fee-nawl-thal-een, -ee-in, -fthal-, -nol-] /ˌfi nɔlˈθæl in, -i ɪn, -ˈfθæl-, -nɒl-/

noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology.
a white, crystalline compound, C 2 0 H 1 4 O 4 , used as an indicator in acid-base titration and as a laxative.
/ˌfiːnɒlˈθeɪliːn; -lɪɪn; -ˈθæl-/
a colourless crystalline compound used in medicine as a laxative and in chemistry as an indicator. Formula: C20H14O4

phenolphthalein phe·nol·phthal·ein (fē’nōl-thāl’ēn’, -thāl’ē-ĭn, -thā’lēn’, -thā’lē-ĭn)
A white or pale yellow crystalline powder that is used as an acid-base indicator and as a laxative.
A white or pale-yellow, crystalline powder used as an indicator for acid and basic solutions. In solutions that are either neutral or basic, it is colorless, while it is pink or red in solutions that are alkali. It is also used as a laxative and in making dyes. Chemical formula: C20H14O4.


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