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[fen-l-fawr-mik, feen-, fen-, feen-] /ˈfɛn lˈfɔr mɪk, ˈfin-, ˌfɛn-, ˌfin-/

noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology.


Read Also:

  • Phenyl-group

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the univalent group C 6 H 5 –, derived from benzene.

  • Phenylhydrazine

    [fen-l-hahy-druh-zeen, -zin, feen-] /ˌfɛn lˈhaɪ drəˌzin, -zɪn, ˌfin-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a yellow, poisonous liquid or low-melting solid, C 6 H 8 N 2 , used in chemical analysis and organic synthesis.

  • Phenylic-acid

    [fuh-nil-ik] /fəˈnɪl ɪk/ noun, Chemistry. 1. (def 1).

  • Phenyl-isocyanate

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a liquid reagent, C 7 H 5 NO, having an unpleasant, irritating odor: used chiefly for identifying alcohols and amines.

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