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[fib-ee, fee-bee] /ˈfɪb i, ˈfi bi/

a female day name for Friday.
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(formerly, especially in creole-speaking cultures) a name given at birth to a black child, in accordance with African customs, indicating the child’s sex and the day of the week on which he or she was born, as the male and female names for Sunday (Quashee and Quasheba) Monday (Cudjo or Cudjoe and Juba) Tuesday (Cubbena and Beneba) Wednesday (Quaco and Cuba or Cubba) Thursday (Quao and Abba) Friday (Cuffee or Cuffy and Pheba or Phibbi) and Saturday (Quamin or Quame and Mimba)
(W African) a name indicating a person’s day of birth


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