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[fi-lee-muh n, fahy-] /fɪˈli mən, faɪ-/

an Epistle written by Paul.
Abbreviation: Phil.
a person who was probably a convert of Paul and to whom this Epistle is addressed.
noun (New Testament)
a Christian of Colossae whose escaped slave came to meet Paul
the book (in full The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Philemon), asking Philemon to forgive the slave for escaping
(Greek myth) a poor Phrygian, who with his wife Baucis offered hospitality to the disguised Zeus and Hermes

masc. proper name, in Greek mythology a pious man, husband of Baucis; from Greek philemon, literally “loving, affectionate,” from philein “to love” (see philo-).

an inhabitant of Colosse, and apparently a person of some note among the citizens (Col. 4:9; Philemon 1:2). He was brought to a knowledge of the gospel through the instrumentality of Paul (19), and held a prominent place in the Christian community for his piety and beneficence (4-7). He is called in the epistle a “fellow-labourer,” and therefore probably held some office in the church at Colosse; at all events, the title denotes that he took part in the work of spreading a knowledge of the gospel.


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