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Phone phreaker


See phreaker


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  • Phone-sex

    noun 1. sexually explicit conversations engaged in on a telephone, usually for a fee. noun 1. sexual activity carried out verbally by telephone

  • Phonesthemic

    [foh-nuh s-thee-mik] /ˌfoʊ nəsˈθi mɪk/ adjective, Linguistics. 1. (of a speech sound) shared by a set of echoic or symbolic words, as the sn- of sneer, snarl, snatch, snide, snitch, snoop, etc.

  • Phonet.

    1. . 1. phonetic 2. phonetically 3. phonetics

  • Phonetastic

    communications A CTI product from Callware. Phonetastic employs if-then rules and customer records to tell those receiving calls who is calling (based on ANI and DNIS) and to determine how the call should be routed, e.g. to a certain sales representative or to the general sales department; receive high-priority treatment; receive a fax-back, etc. (1996-12-08)

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