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[fuh-nee-mik, foh-] /fəˈni mɪk, foʊ-/

of or relating to :
a phonemic system.
of or relating to .
concerning or involving the discrimination of distinctive speech elements of a language:
a phonemic contrast.
adjective (linguistics)
of or relating to the phoneme
relating to or denoting speech sounds that belong to different phonemes rather than being allophonic variants of the same phoneme Compare phonetic (sense 2)
of or relating to phonemics

1933, from phoneme + -ic. Related: Phonemics (1936); phonemically.


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    [fuh-nee-muh-sahyz, foh-] /fəˈni məˌsaɪz, foʊ-/ verb (used with object), phonemicized, phonemicizing. 1. to transcribe into symbols. 2. to analyze (a word, the sound structure of a language, etc.) by establishing its phonemes.

  • Phonemics

    [fuh-nee-miks, foh-] /fəˈni mɪks, foʊ-/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. the study of and systems. 2. the system of a language, or a discussion of this: English phonemics. /fəˈniːmɪks/ noun 1. (functioning as sing) that aspect of linguistics concerned with the classification, analysis, interrelation, and environmental changes of the phonemes of a language

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    /fəˈnɛndəˌskəʊp/ noun 1. an instrument that amplifies small sounds, esp within the human body phonendoscope pho·nen·do·scope (fō-něn’də-skōp’) n. A stethoscope that intensifies auscultatory sounds.

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