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phoria pho·ri·a (fôr’ē-ə)
The relative directions of the eyes during binocular fixation on a given object in the absence of an adequate fusion stimulus.


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    /ˈfɔːmɪəm/ noun 1. any plant of the New Zealand bulbous genus Phormium, with leathery evergreen leaves and red or yellow flowers in panicles

  • Phoro-

    phoro- or phor- pref. Movement; direction; phoria: phoro-optometer.

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  • Phoro-optometer

    phoro-optometer pho·ro-op·tom·e·ter (fôr’ō-ŏp-tŏm’ĭ-tər) n. An instrument for determining phorias, ductions, and refractive states of the eyes.

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