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[fos-jeen, foz-] /ˈfɒs dʒin, ˈfɒz-/

noun, Chemistry.
a poisonous, colorless, very volatile liquid or suffocating gas, COCl 2 , a chemical-warfare compound: used chiefly in organic synthesis.
a colourless easily liquefied poisonous gas, carbonyl chloride, with an odour resembling that of new-mown hay: used in chemical warfare as a lethal choking agent and in the manufacture of pesticides, dyes, and polyurethane resins. Formula: COCl2

phosgene phos·gene (fŏs’jēn’, fŏz’-)
A colorless volatile liquid or gas used as a poison gas and in making dyes.
A colorless, volatile gas that has the odor of freshly mowed hay. When it reacts with water (as in the lungs during respiration), phosgene produces hydrochloric acid and carbon monoxide. It is used in making glass, dyes, resins, and plastics, and was used as a poisonous gas during World War I. Also called carbonyl chloride. Chemical formula: COCl2.


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